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Meta Ye Artistry LLC, (一如生活艺术苑)是一个集艺术生活、心灵舞蹈课程、颂钵&铜锣音疗,禅茶,香道,社会公益文化于一体的服务平台。这里拥有一些专业的心 灵舞蹈导师和专业声音疗愈导师,以心灵舞蹈及音疗作为文化载体和依托,将为您提供由外到内提升幸福感的文化体验和服务。用健康的生活方式实现生命的鲜活,牵手更多的伙伴一起造福更多人,朝向世界和平。

Meta Ye  Artistry LLC, (Oneness  Garden of Living Art) is a service platform integrating art life, spiritual dance courses, singing bowls & gongs sound spa & unique concerts, meditation with tea, incense ceremony and social welfare cultural activities. We offer professional spiritual dance instructors and professional sound therapy instructors, who use spiritual dance and sound as cultural and living art carriers, so as to provide you with cultural experience and services that enhance happiness from the inside out, helping you to transform oneself using a healthy lifestyle to achieve freshness, joining hands with more others to benefit more people, and leading to world peace.


Our mission: to help 100 million people live more beautifully, more balanced, and more joyfully!


Our vision: make life more harmonious and make the world more peaceful


Our direction: to bloom the heart and let the goodness of the individual shine.


Our goal: building the highest energy spiritual group in the United States

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Exclusive NFT Meta Ye Collection

Featured Artist:  

Liu Jinglu (Da Lu) is a famous contemporary artist. Da Lu  was born on Earth in 1965.  Member of New York Hudson Artists Association, Director of International Contemporary Art Federation, Ambassador of World Mind Map.  In 2021, his design works won the Gold Award of the ITALY IIDA AWARD International Design Award in Italy.

 Over the years, his works of art have been loved and collected by collectors in the United States and Asian countries.  The epoch, independence, original spirit and natural quality of his works will surely influence contemporary art to move towards new brilliance.  The NFT works he presents on OPENSEA will be like a light, illuminating the metaverse and inspiring people to rethink about life and the universe.

 "A true life is to live after death by Da Lu."

                         - Dalu Motto